about us

Founded in 2001 at Brown University by David Peck '03 and Justin Slosky '03, Ivy Film Festival has become one of the world’s largest film festivals for students, by students. We are dedicated to showcasing student filmmakers from around the world, creating channels for students to learn about the industry’s emerging discourses and innovations, and building a network between today’s pioneers and the next generation.

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our team

Ivy Film Festival is made up of 95 students from Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and divided into 9 different internal departments.

executive directors

Mackenzie Carlson, Matthew Jackett

managing directors

Jake Anderson, Misha Gehring


Coordinators: Becca Gever, Ginny Liberto
Staff: Allison Meakem, Michael Mireles, Annalie Brody, Will Berry, Naomi Altman, Rea Yoh, Jeewon Shin

events & tech

Coordinators: Chelsea Cohn
Staff: Claire Sapan, Pauline Blondiaux, Sam Fredricks, Sasha Pinto, William Pate, Sarah Migliori, Amanda Keogh, Kara Perusse


Coordinators: Abigail Levy-Westhead, Sea-Jay Van Der Ploeg, Chloe So
Staff: Jesse Atlas, Sam Altschuler, Audrey Wilson, Sophie de Menil, Rainy Duan, Raffaella Gorenflos


Coordinators: Cristina Ballarini, Kripa Venkatesh
Staff: Caleb O'Brien, Chris Packs, Isa Lovelace, Karina Rotenstreich Rob Capron, Clem Quittner, Allegra Chapman, Querube Suarez-Weirlen Tal Frieden, Alex Fredman, Angelica Johnsen, Cody Duane-Mcglashan Oliver Goodman-Waters, Rex Provost, Jack Ross, Adam Malkin, Yurema Perez-Hinojosa, Ellen Ling, Gus Stephens, Yuhe Ma, Liza Edwards-Levin, Jeremy Leary, Alex Westfall


Coordinators: Daniel Wayland, Dominique Pariso
Staff: Luke Perrotta, Ben Guggenheim, Mimi Li, Eveline Liu, Hannah Maier-Katkin, Baylor Knobloch, Mari Herrema, Maddie Mahoney, Zander Kim, Nicolaia Rips, Emerson Tenney, Katherine Ore-Giron, Nora Graham, Andrew Robbin, Clara Devine-Golub, Isabel Tejera-Sindell


Coordinators: Zach Smolar, Chautauqua Ordway
Staff: Katya Stambler, Molly Chambers, Madison Lygo, Ginevra Bulgari, Lena Renshaw

new media

Coordinators: Adam Hersko-Ronatas
Staff: Brett Halperin, Chonghui Chen, Christian Cianfarani, Hannah Seckendorf, Tessa Jarden


Coordinators: Nadim Silverman, Emma Margulies
Staff: Evan Boyd, Elizabeth Falkenberg, Ryan Miller, Joey Han, Liana Chaplain, Grace Attanasio, Teak Sittipunt, Zenzele Ojore, Kyra Goldstein


Coordinators: Sean Segal, Ansel Vahle
Staff: Annabel Strauss

past keynotes & advanced screenings


Screenings: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Guests: M. Night Shyamalan, Ezra Edelman, & Barry Levinson


Screenings: Krisha, Remember the Artist
Guests: Jodie Foster, Robert De Niro & Trey Edward Schults


Screenings: The End of the Tour, Trainwreck
Guests: Todd Haynes and Jason Schwartzman


Screenings: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Inside Llewyn Davis
Guests: Wes Anderson, Ushio & Noriko Shinohara


Screenings: Searching for Sugar Man, Sons of the Clouds
Guests: Wes Craven, Mira Nair


Screenings: HBO series Girls, The Invisible War
Guests: Lena Dunham, Laura Linney


Screenings: The Social Network, Bobby Fischer Against the World
Guests: Aaron Sorkin, James Franco


Screenings: Waiting for Superman
Guests: Davis Guggenheim and Andrew Renzi


Screenings: (500) Days of Summer
Guests: Jack Nicholson and Robert Evans


People: Martin Scorsese and Michael Costigan
Guests: Lena Dunham, Laura Linney


Screening: Eagle vs. Shark
Guests: Park Chan-wook and Doug Liman


Screening: Brick, Half Nelson
Guests: Michael Showalter and Richard Heller


Screening: Murderball, The Aristocrats
Guests: John Hamburg, Ellen Kuras


Screening: Mean Girls, Supersize Me
Guests: Wes Craven and Adrien Brody


Screening: Roger Dodger
Guests: Tim Robbins and Julia Stiles


Screening: Harvard Man
Guests: Oliver Stone and Henry Bean

satellite film festival

IFF is working to inspire the next generation of filmmakers by bringing IFF’s Official Selection to campuses across the country. The 2017 IFF Satellite Festival is partnering with the rest of the Ivy League and other film-minded institutions, creating an intercollegiate network of emerging filmmakers.

Harvard University

Cornell University

Columbia University

University of Chicago

Wesleyan University

School of Visual Arts

Princeton University

Cornell University

University of Pennsylvania

New York University

Oberlin College

Prague Film School

Yale University

Dartmouth University

Northwestern University

University of California, Berkeley

University of Texas at Austin